Q: What is a Rockford Automobile Title Loan?

A: An auto title loan is a loan that someone receives after handing over his or her car title to a lender as collateral. These loans are based upon car value so credit history is not a factor in the approval process. Due to the fact that credit checks are not involved, the approval process is very quick. This is a great option for people without good credit and people who need cash immediately.

Q: When will I get my title back?

A: After you have paid your loan back in full, your vehicle title will be returned to you.

Q: How do I get a car title loan?

A: The process is very easy and done in three steps:

  • Fill out our online title loan application with your personal and vehicle information.
  • One of our agents will reach out to you and ask you a few short questions to further the title loan process.
  • Pick up your cash at one of our title loan locations!

Q: How much money can I get from a title loan??

A: It all depends on the wholesale value of your car. At Rockford Auto Equity Loans, we can lend out up to ,000.

Q: How long are the terms of your title loans?

A: We want to make your loan payments as manageable as possible. That's why at Rockford Title loans we offer payment plans of up to 42 months!

Q: What if I want to pay back my Rockford title loan in less than 42-months?

A: Some banks and loan institutions will charge you a pre-payment fee because they want the interest money that would have accrued over the months. Rockford Title Loans will never charge you for paying your loan ahead of schedule. We really want to help your financial situation, so if you're in a position to pay your loan back sooner than the loan term calls for, we absolutely encourage you to do so.

Q: Why Rockford Title Loans?

A: Rockford Car Title Loans puts our customers first. Our representatives will help you along through the entire process and answer all of your questions, even before you have applied for the loan! We only hire the most knowledgeable customer service representatives so that they have the answers to anything you could possibly want to know about title loans. Also, we only work with lenders that offer some of the lowest interest rates in the industry. In addition, if you go to a bank or loan institution for a loan, the first thing that they will ask for is a credit report - Rockford Title Loans will never ask you for any information about your credit.

Q: Can I keep my car during the loan period?

A: Of Course! You are only using your car title as collateral for your loan, not your actual car. You will be able to drive your car during the entire duration of the loan.

Q: Once I have been completely approved, what happens next?

A: Once you have applied and made arrangements with our representative, all you have to do is go to your lender and pick up your cash. We can also have the money delivered directly to you!

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